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Menezes Caterers aims to bring an innovative experience, exemplary service and a fresh cuisine to your event. We are committed to providing uncompromised quality, impressive presentation, and attention to even the smallest detail.

With extensive knowledge and experience of the event catering industry since 1999, you can trust our highly talented and professional team founded and led by Mr. Alwyn Menezes to create and deliver your perfect event. From small boutique functions and intimate personal celebrations, to large private wedding functions and corporate events, we believe that catering is more than just food on a plate; it’s about building a relationship with you, understanding your personal style, and delivering a complete experience for you and your guests.

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Mutton Polov

This traditional recipe is a family favourite, especially during Catholic pre-wedding function called as the 'Roce' ceremony, which is served with soft sannas or appams. Polov preparation is made with the ash pumpkin (called as “Kualo” in Konkani) and Mutton. It’s a traditional gravy made out of roasted coconut, roasted & ground spices which gives a true essence of the lovely ceremony.
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Coorg Pork

A famous recipe made of Pork meat, considered to be a delicacy in Coorg. Here, meat is cooked in a freshly made masala paste which lends it its rich colour. Rich dark pork curry filled with slightly chewy bits of meat and sudden surprises of tamarind and peppery bits which goes well with ‘Mutli’ (rice dumplings), Neer dosa, Rice or any other Indian bread.
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Ghee Roast

A Mangalorean delicacy, Chicken/Mutton Ghee Roast, is a classic recipe among South Indian non veg dishes. Its origins go back to a small town, Kundapur, close to Mangalore. Fiery red, tangy and spicy with a unique flavour of ghee roasted spices, this authentic home style dish is surely a mouth-watering cuisine that goes well with Neer Dosa, Appam or any other Indian breads.
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Pork Sorpotel

Pork is a much celebrated meat in Mangalorean Catholic cuisine. But the Mangalorean sorpotel is a delicacy like no other. Originally created in Goa, the catholic migrants travelled to Mangalore and carried this dish with them. The Mangalorean version of sorpotel involves the addition of 'spare parts' of the pig or offal. Sorpotel is often found on the menu for the function called the 'Roce' (catholic pre-wedding function) along with the mutton polov.
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